Prof Juliette Hussey

Vice President for Global Relations in Trinity College Dublin

  • Professor Hussey  has been in Trinity for over 20 years and was head of the discipline of Physiotherapy from 2003-2014. During that time she led on developing programmes in Physiotherapy and allied health sciences which are delivered in Singapore. She was elected to fellowship in 2011, promoted to associate professor in 2006 and to Professor in 2015. She is currently the Vice President for Global Relations in Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin.

    Professor Hussey  leads a group working in the area of exercise rehabilitation in patients with cancer. Her research is translational and is aimed at scientifically improving exercise prescription to optimise therapeutic responses. This includes evaluating means of improving physical capacity preoperatively to reduce postoperative morbidity for patients undergoing complex cancer surgery. A challenge in the area of exercise and cancer is to determine underlying mechanisms  and her group is working with clinical scientists in this respect. Her current research in  oesophageal and prostate cancer is funded by the Health Research Board and the World Cancer Research Fund. Her group is also part of Movember Global Action Plan 4 a randomised controlled trial examining exercise in men with advanced prostate cancer.

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